When I first started my blog, I asked my friends and family: What is your greatest challenge when thinking about the design of your space? One of the most unique responses I received was from a single male friend: How to make my masculine home seem comfortable and inviting, yet not too girly. This became an instant challenge for me in return!

Urban dictionary succinctly defines a Man Cave as: An emotional sanctuary for men when they're stressed and need "space" or time away from females, responsibilities, etc. (Example: Sam went offline and wouldn't answer calls, retreating to his man cave to think.) Very interesting. However, I think my male friend wishes to invite "others" to occasionally interact in his sanctuary…therefore the need to make it seem comfy and inviting is paramount ;)

Here are seven foolproof ways to transform your Man Cave into a Gentleman’s Lair

1. Warm Up Your Living Room

The living room gives the first impression and should reflect your masculine personality, while conveying warmth and comfort. Choose furniture that is easy to relax in: a large and comfy sofa with a few pillows (yes pillows) and a throw. Combine natural elements, such as wood, with your tougher, colder materials, such as glass or concrete. A plush or shag rug will make the space seem grounded and inviting.

2. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

A spot designated to chill out and read, will add a sense of peace and relaxation to your home. A leather lounge chair or chaise, natural wood shelves, an area rug and a reading light is all you need. Industrial materials, such as blackened metal, provide an interesting contrast to the warmer materials. Oh and yes, don't forget the books!

3. Paint One or More Walls a Deep Color

Walls painted in a deep color, such as charcoal gray or midnight blue, are WAY sexy. And I am saying this from a woman’s perspective, not only as a designer. Contrasted with white ceilings and trim, wooden elements and softer materials, a rich color wall will add visual interest and a mature, unique feel to your space.

4. Organize Your Closet

Please please take note here! Women DO notice your closet. When you are not looking, we peek into your closet. We want to know if you are neat and if you take care of yourself behind the scenes. It's awful, I know, but an organized closet matters to us. Make a spot for everything: clothes, shoes, belts and get good quality hangers, preferably that match. A built-in or purchased shelving system (Elfa is fine) will truly wow us.

5. Add Color to Your Space

Introduce a bold or bright color into your space to make the room come alive. The heavier, more permanent items, such as the sofa and coffee table should remain neutral, as a way to anchor the space. The lighter, more flexible objects, such as artwork and accessories should have color, providing a balanced palette that engages the eye.

6. Add Drapes and Window Treatments

Drapes and window treatments will soften up your space by filtering light during the day and creating a sense of safety during the night. The color of your window treatments can be similar in tone to your overall palette or simply white. Preferably use textile: cotton, linen or velvet drapes, from ceiling to floor. And if you choose blinds, be sure to choose wood over metal.

7. Soften Up Your Bedroom

Last but not least, the bedroom! Add artwork or a gallery wall of photos to liven up and personalize your space. Consider painting the wall behind your bed (or the entire room) a warm, deep shade to create a soothing, peaceful effect. Introduce a “pop” or surprise color, in this case navy blue. Warm textures and materials, such as a shag rug and wood elements will make the space seem oh so welcoming.

My dear masculine friends, I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions and if you have any questions or thoughts feel free to leave me a comment below. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter to get updated on new blog posts and fun stuff!!